Organic Walnut and Almond Trees in Xanthi / Greece
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Who we are

The Greek Nut Farmers

We grow organic walnuts and almonds in the most fertile agricultural lands of Xanthi in the Thrace region of Greece.

Our walnut trees are Chandler American trees developed by the University of California.

Chandler walnut trees were planted in 7×7 intervals on 80 acres of land in 2018. The trees are 4 years old and the first harvest will be at the end of this year (2021).

It gives 1 to 1.5 kilos of walnuts per tree in the first year of harvest. When the trees are 5-6 years old, the yield per tree increases many times and a 7-year-old Chandler tree gives an average of 30 kilos of walnuts.

As The Greek Nut Farmers, we also grow almond trees.

Our almond trees are Constanti Spanish trees. Constanti Spanish almond trees were planted in the 5×5 range on 20 acres of land in March 2020 and we will get the first harvest at the age of 3 (2023).